Venice meeting on
Fluctuations in small complex systems IV

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

Palazzo Franchetti, Venezia, 14th to 18th October 2018

Invited speakers

Elena Agliari, Rome: Looking for collective features in leukocyte migration
Marco Baiesi, Padova: Correlation between self-entanglement and amino acid sequence in proteins
Fulvio Baldovin, Padova: Active particles, pressure equation, swarming and useful work
Eli Barkai, Ramat Gan: Infinite ergodic theory for single molecule tracking in thermal setting
Clemens Bechinger, Konstanz: Active Suspensions with Controlled Interaction Rules
Christian Beck, London: Superstatistical methods for complex systems: Some recent applications
Olivier Bénichou, Paris: First-passage times of Markovian and non-Markovian random walkers
Diogo Bolster, Notre Dame: Incomplete mixing and reactions in porous media
Elisabeth Bouchaud, Paris: From flow to fracture through the sol-gel transition in colloidal systems
Phil Brown, Bristol: Publishing with Journal of Physics A
Barbara Capone, Rome: Design of macromolecular building blocks: coarse graining, multiscale and theoretical predictions in material science
Enrico Carlon, Leuven: DNA elasticity beyond the Twistable Wormlike Chain
Aleksei Chechkin, Potsdam: Brownian yet non-Gaussian diffusion in heterogeneous media
Paolo de los Rios, Lausanne: Non-equilibrium protein folding (and unfolding) in the cell
Elizaveta Dubrovina, London: Publishing with Nature Communications
Olga Dudko, San Diego: Chromosome fluctuations in living cells
Stefan Egelhaaf, Düsseldorf: Anomalous diffusion due to an external potential, crowding and/or obstacles
Nikta Fakhri, Cambridge MA: Multiscale time reversal asymmetry reveals scale-dependent force fluctuations in biological active matter
Thomas Franosch, Innsbruck: Non-equilibrium dynamics of active agents
Aljaz Godec, Göttingen: Fast and precise reaction kinetics in the few-encounter limit
Steve Granick, Urbana-Champaign and Ulsan: Enzymes are active matter
Denis Grebenkov, Palaisau: Strong defocusing of molecular reaction times: geometry and reaction control
Alberto Imparato, Aarhus: Autonomous thermal motors: duets and soloists
Jae-Hyung Jeon, Pohang: Anomalous diffusion in a chromosome-like random geometry
Daniela Kraft, Leiden: Reconfigurable colloidal structures: from colloidal joints to flexible colloidal molecules
Diego Krapf, Fort Collins: 1/f β power spectral densities of individual trajectories
Hartmut Löwen, Düsseldorf: Passive and active colloidal particles in complex environments
Anja Maciolek, Stuttgart: Current-mediated synchronization of a pair of beating non-identical flagella
Marcin Magdziarz, Wroclaw: Lamperti transformation - cure for ergodicity breaking
Carlos Mejia-Monasterio, Madrid: Random skating on ice disorder
Cristian Micheletti, Trieste: Knotted DNA: conformational, dynamical and translocation properties
Leonid Mirny, Cambridge MA: Active fluctuations in chromosomes
David Mukamel, Rehovot: Absolute negative mobility in tracer dynamics
Lene Oddershede, Copenhagen: Small fluctuations decisive for stem cell differentiation and organ development
Enzo Orlandini, Padova: Epigenetic dynamics and 3D organisation of chromatin domains
Hye Yoon Park, Seoul: Watching single endogenous mRNA in neurons in vivo
Jacques Prost, Paris and Singapore: Emergence and resurgence in elementary contractile unit
Heiko Rieger, Saarbrücken: Spatiallys inhomogeneous search strategies: applications to intracellular reaction kinetics
Felix Ritort, Barcelona: Experimental measurement of information-content in nonequilibrium systems
Yael Roichman, Tel Aviv: Long range correlated motion of plasma membrane proteins
Stefano Ruffo, Trieste: Statistical mechanics of the Kuramoto model
Udo Seifert, Stuttgart: From stochastic thermodynamics to thermodynamic inference
Christine Selhuber-Unkel, Kiel: The phagocytic catch: Acanthamoeba in microstructured environments
Stanislav Shvartsman, Princeton: A simple model of clonal dominance
Jeremy Smith, Oak Ridge: Protein Dynamics and Drug Discovery
Andrew Spakowitz, Stanford: Physical Modeling of the Spreading of Epigenetic Modifications Through Transient DNA Looping
Kathleen Stebe, Philadelphia: Bacteria on fluid Interfaces
Attilio Stella, Padova: Growth dynamics and complexity of national economies in the global trade network
Iva Tolic, Zagreb: A new twist in the mitotic spindle
Pascal Viot, Paris: Stochastic and non-stochastic models of multi-channel particulate transport with blockage: similarities and discrepancies
Matthias Weiss, Bayreuth: Active vs. thermal fluctuations in living cells
Matthieu Wyart, Lausanne: Complex landscapes in deep learning


Erez Aghion, Ramat Gan: From Non-normalizable Boltzmann-Gibbs statistics to infinite-ergodic theory
Tomás Aquino, Barcelona: Chemical Continuous Time Random Walks
Michele Caraglio, Leuven: Diffusion and decay of torus knots in free open polymers
Sara Cerasoli, Torino: A nanoscale out-of-equilibrium gyrator: new insights on effective temperatures
Rajarshi Chakrabarti, Mumbai: Dynamics in active bath: from a single colloid to a polymer chain
Davide Colí, Padova: Magnetic Polymer Models for Epigenomic Organisation and Phase Separation
Ivan Di Terlizzi, Padova: Kinetic Uncertainty Relation
Gianmaria Falasco, Louxembourg: Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of chemical reaction networks
Felix Frey, Heidelberg: Stochastic dynamics of nanoparticle and virus uptake
David Hartich, Göttingen: Duality Between Relaxation and First Passage in Reversible Markov Dynamics
Ru Hou, Potsdam: Biased continuous-time random walks: facilitation of diffusion, ergodicity breaking and ageing
Mario Hidalgo-Soria, Ramat Gan: Effect of elastic colored noise in the hopping dynamics of single molecules in stretching experiments
Stefano Iubini, Padova: Topological Sieving of Rings According to their Rigidity
Giulia Janzen, Torino: Clustering of driven particles through a quiescent bath
Alessio Lapolla, Göttingen: Tagged Particle Histories in Single-File Diffusion: Exact Single- and Two-Tag Local Times Beyond Large Deviation Theory
Nicolas Moutal, Paris: Diffusion-limited reactions in heterogeneous media
Amin Padash: First Passage Properties of Asymmetric Lévy Flights
Jintae Park, Ulsan: Realization of an artificial active bath with controlled activity
Giovanni Porta, Milan: Comparative assessment of continuum-scale models of bimolecular reactive transport model
Sebastian Salassi, Genoa: Thermal gradients around irradiated Au nanoparticles in the biological environment
Raya Sorkin, Tel Aviv: Membrane binding, bending and remodeling by calcium sensor proteins
Jakub Spiechowicz, Katowice: Subdiffusion via dynamical localization induced by thermal equilibrium fluctuations
Vittoria Sposini, Potsdam: Diffusing diffusivity versus generalised grey Brownian motion
Stefano Steffenoni, Leipzig: The pressure of active particles
Fereydoon Taheri, Heidelberg: The effect of viscoelasticity on intracellular mobility
Samudrajit Thapa, Potsdam: Bayesian inference of single particle tracking data
Oleg Vasilyev, Stuttgart: Critical Casimir Interactions and Percolation: the quantitative description of critical fluctuations


Tommaso Cossetto, Louxembourg
Negar Nahali, Umeaa
Emanuele Penocchio, Louxembourg
Antonio Trovato, Padova
Carlo Vanderzande, Hasselt