Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences

edited by N Bellomo & G P Galdi

This series reports on new developments in mathematical research relating to methods, qualitative and numerical analysis, and mathematical modeling in the applied and the technological sciences. Topics covered include constitutive theories, fluid dynamics, kinetic and transport theories, solid mechanics, and system theory. The series ranges from monographs to lecture notes, quality conference proceedings and collections of papers.

Volume 1
Mathematical Topics in Nonlinear Kinetic Theory II - The Enskog Equation
by N Bellomo, M Lachowicz, J Polewczak & G Toscani

Volume 3
Fluid Dynamic Applications of the Discrete Boltzmann Equation
by R Monaco & L Preziosi

Volume 4
Waves and Stability in Continuous Media - Proceedings of the Vth International Meeting
edited by S Rionero

Volume 5
A Theory of Latticed Plates and Shells
by G I Pshenichnov

Volume 6
Recent Advances in Combustion Modelling
edited by B Larrouturou

Volume 7
Linear Kinetic Theory and Particle Transport in Stochastic Mixtures
by G C Pomraning

Volume 8
Local Stabilizability of Nonlinear Control Systems
by A Bacciotti

Volume 9
Nonlinear Kinetic Theory and Mathematical Aspects of Hyperbolic Systems
edited by V C Boffi, F Bampi & G Toscani

Volume 10
Nonlinear Evolution Equations - Kinetic Approach
by N B Maslova

Volume 11
Mathematical Problems Relating to the Navier-Stokes Equations
edited by G P Galdi

Volume 12
Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory - Proceedings of the 5th Bilateral Polish-Italian Meeting
edited by W Kosinski, W Larecki, H Zorski & A Morro

Volume 13
Thermomechanics of Phase Transitions in Classical Field Theory
by A Romano

Volume 14
Applications of Padé Approximation Theory in Fluid Dynamics
by A Pozzi

Volume 15
Advances in Mathematical Modelling of Composite Materials
edited by K Z Markov

Volume 16
Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology - Proceedings of the International Workshop
edited by P Ciarlini, M G Cox, R Monaco & F Pavese

Volume 17
The Fokker-Planck Equation for Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Its Explicit Steady State Solutions
by C Soize

Volume 18
Calculus of Variations, Homogenization and Continuum Mechanics
edited by G Bouchitté, G Buttazzo & P Suquet

Volume 19
A Concise Guide to Semigroups and Evolution Equations
by A Belleni-Morante

Volume 20
Global Controllability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems
by S Nikitin

Volume 21
High Accuracy Non-Centered Compact Difference Schemes for Fluid Dynamics Applications
by A I Tolstykh

Volume 22
Advances in Kinetic Theory and Computing: Selected Papers
edited by B Perthame

Volume 23
Waves and Stability in Continuous Media - Proceedings of the VII Conference
edited by S Rionero & T Ruggeri

Volume 24
Impulsive Differential Equations with a Small Parameter
by D Bainov & V Covachev

Volume 25
Mathematical Models and Methods of Localized Interaction Theory
by A I Bunimovich & A V Dubinskii

Volume 26
Recent Advances in Elasticity, Viscoelasticity and Inelasticity - Festschrift Volume for Prof Tse-Chien Woo on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
edited by K R Rajagopal

Volume 27
Nonstandard Methods for Stochastic Fluid Mechanics
by M Capinski & N J Cutland

Volume 28
Impulsive Differential Equations: Asymptotic Properties of the Solutions
by D D Bainov & P S Simeonov

Volume 29
The Method of Maximum Entropy
by H Gzyl

Volume 30
Lectures on Probability and Second Order Random Fields
by D B Hernández

Volume 31
Parallel and Distributed Signal and Image Integration Problems - Proceedings of the Indo-US Workshop
edited by R N Madan, N S V Rao, V P Bhatkar & L M Patnaik

Volume 32
On the Way to Understanding the Time Phenomenon: The Constructions of Time in Natural Science (Part 1)
edited by A P Levich

Volume 33
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Theory of the Boltzmann Equation
edited by N Bellomo

Volume 34
Singularly Perturbed Evolution Equations with Applications to Kinetic Theory
by J R Mika & J Banasiak

Volume 35
Mechanics of Mixtures
by K R Rajagopal & L Tao

Volume 36
Dynamical Mechanical Systems Under Random Impulses
by R Iwankiewicz

Volume 37
Oscillations in Planar Dynamics Systems
by R E Mickens

Volume 38
Mathematical Problems in Elasticity
edited by R Russo

Volume 39
On the Way to Understanding the Time Phenomenon: The Constructions of Time in Natural Science (Part II)
edited by A P Levich

Volume 40
Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology II
edited by P Ciarlini, M G Cox, F Pavese & D Richter

Volume 41
Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetism - Linear Theory and Applications
by M Cessenat

Volume 42
Constrained Control Problems of Discrete Processes
by Vu Ngoc Phat

Volume 43
Motor Vehicle Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation
by G Genta

Volume 44
Microscopic Theory of Condensation in Gases and Plasma
by A L Itkin & E G Kolesnichenko

Volume 45
Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology III
edited by P Ciarlini, M G Cox, F Pavese & D Richter

Volume 46
Mathematical Topics in Neutron Transport Theory - New Aspects
by M Mokhtar-Kharroubi

Volume 47
Theory of the Navier–Stokes Equations
edited by J G Heywood, K Masuda, R Rautmann & V A Solonnikov

Volume 48
Advances in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Stochastics
edited by S Kawashima & T Yanagisawa

Volume 49
Propagation and Reflection of Shock Waves
by F V Shugaev & L S Shtemenko

Volume 50
Homogenization - In Memory of Serguei Kozlov
edited by V Berdichevsky, V Jikov & G Papanicolaou

Volume 51
Lecture Notes on the Mathematical Theory of Generalized Boltzmann Models
by N Bellomo & M Lo Schiavo

Volume 52
Plates, Laminates and Shells - Asymptotic Analysis and Homogenization
by T Lewinski & J J Telega

Volume 53
Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology IV
edited by P Ciarlini, A B Forbes, F Pavese & D Richter

Volume 54
Differential Models and Neutral Systems for Controlling the Wealth of Nations
by E N Chukwu

Volume 55
Mesomechanical Constitutive Modeling
by V Kafka

Volume 56
High-Dimensional Nonlinear Diffusion Stochastic Processes - Modelling for Engineering Applications
by Y Mamontov & M Willander

Forthcoming titles

Introduction to Mathematical Population Dynamics
by Y Kuang

Mechanical and Thermodynamic Modeling of Fluid Interfaces
by R Gatignol & R Prud'homme

Volume 57
Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology V
edited by P Ciarlini, M Cox, E Filipe, F Pavese & D Richter

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