PhD Seminar on Modelling of Dynamical Systems and Data Analysis

Interdisciplinary Center for Dynamics of Complex Systems of the University Potsdam

The intention of this seminar is to bring together PhD and Diploma students of the University Potsdam, and to give them the opportunity to discuss about the subject of their work. It should provide a good exercise to present topics of your research, and to broaden your view and understanding on different areas of science.

Every graduate physics student is invited to contribute a talk to the seminar. The basic language of the course will be English. However, the talks may partly also be delivered in German language.

The seminar talks should be comprehensible for graduate students working in different fields. They should explain the fundamental ideas, methods, and peculiarities of a given topic, rather than dealing with specialized issues or technical details, etc. Talks should be no longer than 30 minutes, not including discussion. Time is available for questions and discussion (15-30 minutes).

Room 2.123 in the physics building at the Golm Campus every Wednesday

Past PhD workshops: 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

2008 Jul 23 14:00 A. Lorek, DLR, Berlin: Flüssiges unterkühltes Grenzflächenwasser in der Marsoberfläche
2008 Jul 9 14:00Komalapriya Chandrasekaran : Phase space reconstruction using sets of short trajectory samples of climate simulations (related to the Virtual Institut PEP (Pole - Equator - Pole, *2004-2007+))
2008 Jul 1 11:15Grit Freiwald, Institut fuer Mathematik: Wavelets in seismogram analysis (Doktorandenseminar zur Graduiertenschule Naturkatastrophen) Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 2.123
2008 Jun 18 14:30 A. Witt: Return Times of Extreme Events in Long-Range Persistent Processes
2008 Jun 10 11:15Annette Stosius, Institut fuer Geooekologie: Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Extremes - An Application of Extreme Value Statistics (Doktorandenseminar zur Graduiertenschule Naturkatastrophen) Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 2.123
2008 May 28 14:00Komalapriya Chandrasekaran : Phase space reconstruction using sets of short trajectory samples
2008 May 27 11:15Nico Kuehn, Institut fuer Geooekologie: Ground Motion Models for Seismic Hazard Analysis (Doktorandenseminar zur Graduiertenschule Naturkatastrophen) Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 2.123
2008 May 21 14:00Marcia Rocha : Propagation of variability patterns from individual populations to complex food webs - analysis of plankton time-series (Graduate Initiative on Ecological Modelling)
2008 May 20 11:15Christian Mohr, Institut fuer Geooekologie: Water runoff and erosion increase caused by forest management practices in Southern Chile (Doktorandenseminar zur Graduiertenschule Naturkatastrophen) Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 2.123
2008 Apr 23 14:30Jan P. Dietrich: Attractor reconstruction in the Fourier space
2008 Apr 10 15:00 Tiago Pereira da Silva: On Ergodic Properties of Perturbed Bernoulli Maps: The Spectrum of Jacobi Operators
2008 Apr 10 14:30H. Rust: Modelling the annual cycle of extreme precipitation
2008 Apr 10 14:00R. Liebermann: Interannual variation of the seasonal cycle in temperature
2008 Mar 1910:30Jonathan Donges: Climate networks in climate and sustainability science
2008 Feb 1312:45Vanessa Carolina Figueroa Helland : Analysis of EEG data from depressed patients
2008 Feb 7 ??:45G. Litak: New Methods of Chaos Identification
2008 Feb 6 12:45M. Hoffmann: Nonlinear Dimension Reduction by Isomap: principle aspects and applications
2008 Jan 3012:45C. Raab: Entwicklung von Large-Scale-Dimensionsdichten und deren Anwendung auf biomedizinische Daten
2008 Jan 2312:45A. Bergner: Programming styles: speed vs modularity vs reusability - C vs C++ vs Fortran
2008 Jan 1711:00G. Zamora: Complex networks 2
2008 Jan 1612:45A. Anielski: Lorenz'sches Wasserrad
2008 Jan 1511:00G. Zamora: Complex networks 1
2007 Dec 1913:15M. Riedel: Nonlinear AR processes and heart rate variability
2007 Dec 1213:15Yong Zou: Recurrence plot of quasi-periodicity
2007 Dec 1212:45Gerson Florence Carvalheira de Azevedo: Nonlinear dynamics of transition from epileptiform burst to spreading depression
2007 Nov 2112:40Sabrina Donner: Detection of fixed points in wind fields
2007 Nov 1412:35Gil Benkoe: Using a phase space cross section to study large complex systems
2007 Oct 3012:15A. Koseska: Modeling of gene networks (Location: building 22, room 0.28)
2007 July 1113:15Varun Narasimhachar, Paritosh Pande & Abishek Gupta: EEG analysis using recurrence plots
2007 June 1313:15M. Rusconi: Markov model of bone structure
2007 May 2313:15S. Hübner: Modeling of PCM-Signal-Classificators (Tool box -> Filtering: DS Prolog or DS Prolog)
2007 May 1613:15Nadev Shnerb: When wolves and sheep fail to synchronize - a generic solution to an age old puzzle
2007 May 213:15N. Zolotova: Introduction to solar physics
2007 Apr 2513:15A. Bergner: Review on Linear Filters
2007 Feb 715:15A. Groth: Synchronisation analysis on ordinal scale - The proper choice of embedding parameters
2006 Nov 1515:00E. Sokolova: Global implications of Arctic climate processes and feedbacks
2006 Nov 115:00C. Figueroa: Phase synchronization of thalamocortical signals vs linear coherence analysis
2006 Oct 610:20H. Rust: Bootstrap based Modelselection
2006 Jul 1913:15M. Romano: Detection and Quantification of Directional Coupling Using Recurrences
2006 Jul 513:15Shishir Dash & Abhishek Dasgupta: Bidimensional Empirical mode decomposition
2006 Jun 2113:15Andreas Galka: State space modelling of time series in the neurosciences
2006 Jun 1413:15M. Hoffmann: ISOMAP and Duffing oscillators
2006 May 3113:15 H. Rust: Confidence Intervals for Return Level Estimates -- A Bootstrap Approach
2006 May 1713:15C. Walther: Multiregressionsclustering zur Typisierung von Mensch-Umwelt-Systemen
2006 May 1013:15M. Thiel: On homeo-, diffeo- and other morphisms
2006 Apr 2613:15R. Steuer: Structural Kinetic Modeling of Metabolic Networks
2005 Dec 811:00D. Berry: Modelling Infantile Congenital Nystagmus (Promotionskolleg: room 0.28 of building 22)
2005 Nov 3015:15Stefan Schinkel: Untersuchung ereigniskorrelierter Potenziale auf Einzelversuchs-Basis mit Hilfe der quantitativen Analyse von Recurrence Plots (room 415)
2005 Nov 2315:15Markus Müller: Detektion von Korrelationsbeziehungen in multivariaten Zeitreihen Phys. Rev. E 71, 046116 (2005)
2005 Nov 1615:15T. Orgis: Tracertransport in der Atmosphaere
2005 Oct 2715:30R. Steuer: Nonlinear Dynamics and Molecular Biology
2005 Oct 1815:15Reik Donner: Temporary Dimensions of Multivariate Palaeoclimate Records - Signatures of Climate Change ?
2005 Apr 2015:15Yong Zou: Detecting shrimps structure in parametrically excited oscillators (room 415)
2004 Dec 115:00M. Romano: Detection of Phase Synchronization by Means of Recurrence Plots
2004 Nov 1015:00A. Groth: Recurrence plots of order patterns
2004 Nov 912:30S. Clodong: Chaotic dynamics in complex networks
2004 Nov 116:15M. Siefert: Analysis of small scale turbulence by means of multivariate Markov processes
2004 Oct 2915:00C. Allefeld: Phase Synchronization Analysis of Event-Related Potentials in Language Processing
2004 Oct 2715:00M. Thiel: Surrogates to test for phase synchronization
2004 Oct 1315:00O. Sosnovtseva: Frequency encoding: From kidney to cell regulation
2004 June 3013:30A. Bergner: PHP-Implementierung von dynamischen Invarianten aus Rekurrenzplots
2004 June 213:30M. Rosenblum: Estimation of delay times in coupling from data
2004 May 1913:30Maik Riedl: Schaetzung der Dichtefunktion der Masse von Exoplaneten
2004 May 515:00Maik Stöckmann & Mathias Hoffmann: Strukturfunktion zur Beschreibung der Fusionsdynamik
2004 Apr 2113:15Jan Saynisch: Stochastisch getriebener Delay-Oszillator als ENSO-Modell
2004 Mar 8-97-22PhD workshop/Doktorandentage
2004 Feb 413:00 D. Maraun: Phase and amplitude of ENSO
2004 Jan 2810:50 N. Tukhlina, Moscow State University: The features of waves propagation in the chain of nonlinear oscillators with random couplings
2004 Jan 2115:00
J. Kurths: Group meeting
M. Thiel: Recurrence plot based surrogates
2003 Nov 2510:15
Aicko Schumann: Wavelet estimation of unevenly sampled data
Douglas Maraun: Estimation of wavelet coherence
2003 Oct 15 15:00 A. Sitz: Identifikation raum-zeitlicher Systeme durch Filterung
2003 Sep 410:00N. Marwan: Recurrence plots
2003 June 11 15:00 Lucia Zemanova, Bratislava: Randomness and determinism in human heart-beat dynamics: Recurrence plot analysis
2003 May 21 15:00 Swagata Nandi, Heidelberg: Surrogate data and bootstrap
2003 May 7 15:30 M. Pahle: Complexity in Reading
2003 Apr 2316:00 M. Thiel: Mathematics behind the recurrence plots
2003 Apr 1615:00R. Steuer: Nonlinear Dynamics and Molecular Biology: From Metabolic Networks to Noise-Induced Oscillations
2003 Mar 1413:00 S. Mandelj: Nonlinear nonparametric modelling of spatio-temporal dynamics
2003 Mar 615:00S. Becker-Weimann: Modeling the Mammalian Circadian Core Oscillator
2003 Feb 513:30D. Maraun: Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
2003 Jan 2913:30Prof. Boehme: Langfristige Temperaturvorhersage beim Wetter
2002 Dec 18 13:30 M. Pahle: Modellierung von Blickbewegungen beim Lesen
2002 Dec 1113:30C. Allefeld: Permutationstest
2002 Dec 4 13:45 A. Witt: Zeitmodelle fuer Daten aus Sedimentbohrkerne
2002 Oct 23 13:30 A. Sitz: Identifikation raum-zeitlicher Systeme durch Filterung
2002 Jul 913:00 K.-R. Müller: Methods on source separation
2002 Jun 2613:30C. Allefeld: Ein Ansatz zur multivariaten Phasensynchronisations-Analyse
2002 Jun 2015:00 Petra Klumb (FU Berlin) : Temporal pattern in everydays life: synchronization in social systems
2002 Jun 1313:30Ch. Hönnicke: Matlab Tool Box - Part 2
2002 Jun 1213:30C. Raab: Dimension density estimation
2002 Apr 1714:00M. Thiel: Time reversed stochastic processes and their dynamic chaotic analogs
2002 Feb 2014:00C. Allefeld: Bootstrap & directional statistics
2002 Feb 1413:00Ch. Hönnicke: Matlab Tool Box - Part 1
2002 Feb 1314:00N. Marwan: Recurrence quantification analysis of EEG signals
2002 Feb 614:00C. Allefeld: Test for phase synchronization by directional statistics
2002 Jan 3014:00R. Steuer: Conditional Predictability and Information Transfer
2002 Jan 2314:00J. Timmer: Data driven modelling. + Talk at 15:15 in room 415
2002 Jan 1610:00K. Scheibe & A. Berger: Chronoökologie
2002 Jan 914:00G. Zöller: Erdbeben als Folge kritischer Spannungszustände in der Erdkruste
2001 Dec 1214:00R. Steuer: Measures of regularities of interspike intervals
2001 Dec 514:00M. Thiel: Mathematische Grundlagen der Rekurrenz Darstellungen
2001 Nov 2814:00I. Hammoudeh: Über die nichtlineare Abhängigkeit zwischen zwei Zeitreihen
2001 Nov 2114:00U. Schwarz: Magnetfeldfluktuationen in Jupiter-Nähe
2001 Nov 1414:00R. Donner: Dynamik der Zustandsvariablen beim Laserschmelzabtrag
2001 Nov 714:00N. Marwan: Anwendung von Cross-Recurrence-Plots
2001 Oct 24 14:00 A. Sitz: Stochastic filtering
2001 Sep 19 10:00 M. Abel: Programmpaket ACE: Wichtigkeitsmaße, Filter fuer Erwartungswert, Fehlerabschaetzung
2001 Aug 29 13:00 R. Steuer: Analyse von Microarrays
2001 May 30 11:00 M. Rosenblum: Detecting direction of coupling in interacting oscillators
2001 May 16 10:00 K. Dolan: Detection of phasesynchronized epochs in data
2001 May 2 11:00 C. Allefeld: Neue Experimente zur Phasensynchronisation ereigniskorrelierter Potenziale
2001 Apr 25 10:00 A. Sitz: Unscented Kalman filtering
2001 Apr 1014:30J. Rendtel: Solare Oszillationen - Perioden in kurzen & lückenhaften Zeitreihen
2001 Mar 1410:00N. Wessel: Vorhersage lebensbedrohlicher Herzrhythmusstörungen
T. Kuhlbrodt: Random Telegraph Prozesse und Klimamodellierung
2001 Mar 710:00A. Witt: Estimation of invariant measures of a Hamiltonian system
M. Thiel: Null hypothesis & phase randomization
2001 Feb 2710:00N. Marwan: Rescaling of the time axis using cross-recurrence plots
2001 Feb 2210:00I. Hammoudeh: Phasensignal

For information, please contact Udo Schwarz