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How to get to the Interdisciplinary Center for Dynamics of Complex Systems at Neues Palais Campus ?

How to get to Neues Palais Campus via bus
Once you made it to Potsdam central train station, which is in german "Potsdam Hauptbahnhof", you need to find the bus terminal in front of the station's building. Then you go to the gate of the bus #606 (you'll see the number at the timetable) and take the next 606, which leads to "Golm Max Planck Campus" or 605, which leads to "Bahnhof Golm via Eichenring". The ride takes you appr. 14 minutes. The ninth stop is yours and it is called "Neues Palais" (say: noise palé). You have to press a STOP button, after the station will be announced.

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How to get to Neues Palais Campus via train
You have the possibility of taking a train from Potsdam central station, which is in german "Potsdam Hauptbahnhof", also. Therefore you need to find a train in the linked list.
The ride takes you appr. 6 minutes. The 2nd stop is yours and it is called "Potsdam Park Sanssouci". It is a 10 minutes walk from the train station to the campus. When you come out of the train station, just walk straight ahead and as soon as you enter the park, take the next left.

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The Interdisciplinary Center for Dynamics of Complex Systems (DYKOS) is located in building 19 of the University Potsdam at Neues Palais Campus.

Local time in Germany: Universal Time + 2 h = `CEST' for Central European Summer Time = `MESZ' for Mittel-Europäische Sommerzeit (German).

Weather prediction. Local time and temperature in the region of Potsdam at present:

Rain cloud animation of the last 12 hours for Germany. Rain clouds at the Berlin/Postdam region . CNN weather info.

This is a first aid page, that will help you to survive in Potsdam , Germany.


If you arrive at Berlin Tegel airport and you do not want to rent a car you may ask: How to get to Potsdam? When you finally arrive at the Potsdam you will be interested in the map of the town. If you do not want to hire a taxi (tel: 0331/292929), the following bus lines will bring you to the center of the town and to the university of Potsdam : 605 / 606. You have to get off the bus at the station "Am Neuen Palais" .

There are also two plans of the public transport available:

The prices of tickets for Potsdam (zone AB) are 1.30 Euro for a single ticket for buses and trams. If you plan to use public transport during all your stay we propose the »7-Tage-Karte Standard Potsdam AB« (One week ticket) that costs about 9 Euro. If you plan to go regularly to Berlin you can buy a »7-Tage-Karte Standard Berlin ABC« that costs about 26 Euro.

Arriving at the university of Potsdam you will need university site map (The conference rooms are situated in building 8. The institute of physics is located in building 19).

Some important tips









Cultural activities

Potsdam offers a wide variety of historical sights , too. In the internet there is further information about these sights available. If you prefer something more romantic you can go for a excursion on a steamboat .

In Berlin you can find a hole bunch of museums.We strongly recommend a visit to some of them.

We will soon give further information on cinema-, theater- and concert programs.

Acompanying Persons

As there are acompanying persons we want to offer them the possibility to pass the time together. So they can discover the sights of Potsdam and Berlin in a group. This is not only cheaper but also more fun. Acompanying persons can meet at the mornig at the conference place.

For acompanying persons we propose a special sight seeing tour (about 2,5 hours!) This includes a promenade along the river Havel that crosses Potsdam, passing the Freundschaftsinsel, a sight seeing tour in the historical center of Potsdam, the park Sanssouci and with the possibility to visit the Buga park. The price is about 12 Euro for adults. Ticket resevation is recommended (Tel.: +49 331 275580).

Another day we propose an excursion on a steamboat . There are different offers that you can find on the internet site. You will have enough time to visit the palace Sanssouci .

Last but not least there are the Berlin museums. Even though it is hard to decide for one of them the Ägyptische Museum and the Pergamon Museum are our favorites.

Historical Places/Events of Science

Solar Observatory Einsteinturm
The History of Astronomy in Potsdam
History of Geosciences on the Telegrafenberg
Birth place of H. Helmholtz: W. Staab-Str.
Scientists born in Potsdam: Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, Hermann Cäsar Hannibal Schubert, Karl Schwarzschild, Helmert


``Hafthorn'' Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse neben dem Voltaire Hotel
``Hohle Birne'' Mittelstr. 18
``Gelb'', ``Irische Pub'' or ``THAI'' Dortustrasse
``Mediterraneo'' Hegelallee 5, Tel. 280 0663

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