J.-R. Buchler, Florida, US
P. Boyd, Goddard Space Facility, US


J. Hudson, University of Virginia,US
K. Krischer, Spatiotemporal Electrode Dynamics Group, Fritz-Haber-Insitut der MPG, Germany

Condensed Matter

U. Behn, Theory of Condensed Matter Group, Theoretische Physik, University of Leipzig, Germany

Dynamo Machine

U. Müller,, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Germany
S. Fauve, Paris, Experimental Nonlinear Physics Group, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Superieure, France

Data Analysis

K. Dolan, Center for Neurodynamics, University of Missouri at St. Louis, US
H. Voss, FDM and Stochastic dynamical systems group, Dept. of Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany


Lewi Stone, Faculty members of the Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Israel
E. Ben-Jacob, Bacterial Cybernetics Group, School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, Israel


K. Murali, India
M. Ogorzalek, Poland

Geophysics and Oceanography

A. Arneodo, Bordeaux, France
D. Sornette, Nice, France

Hydrodynamics and Turbulence

E. Villermaux, Marseille, France
L. Pinton, Lyon, France


P. Tass, Institute of Medicine, Jülich, Germany
U. Feudel, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Oldenburg, Germany
Bruce J. Gluckman, Neural Dynamics Laboratory, The Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University, US
A. Selverston, Neurosciences, Biosciences, University of California San Diego, US


W.-T. Kim, New Mexico, US
J. Tredicce, Nice, France

Production Systems

B. Scholz-Reiter, Planung und Steuerung produktionstechnischer Systeme, Fachbereich Produktionstechnik, University Bremen, Germany
S. Daw, Oak Ridge National Lab, US


S. Eubank, Los Alamos National Lab, US
D. Helbing, Dresden University of Technology, Germany


D. Maza, Pamplona, Spain
D. Tang, Singapore

Iliya Blekhman, St. Petersburg
Synchronization in Science and Technology - Modern State and Unsolved Problems
(banquet speaker)