Instructions for Authors
All invited and oral presentations are expected to contribute
a paper in a book by the American Institute of Physics.
We do not accept papers based on poster presentations!
Herewith is the information regarding style and format for the
preparation of your papers:

a) Paper length:
Due to the high number of expected papers, as compared with the
limited numbers of available pages in the book, we have fixed
a maximum length of 6 pages for oral contributions, and 12 pages
for invited contributions.

b) Paper format and style:
The papers should be prepared in single column, camera ready format.
The volume size will be 6 x 9 inches.
The instructions for paper preparation are available online at
including a template for MS Word 97 (PC platform) and a style guide
for LaTeX.
When entering the above web page, go to Author Instructions, then
dowload the following files
1) Transfer of Copyright Agreement
2) Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material form
3) Offprint/Reprint Order Form
4) The .pdf file with instructions corresponding to 6x9 inch format
5) The template corresponding to your choice (MS Word or LaTeX)

Item 1) must be filled out and should accompany your submission.
Use "6th Experimental Chaos Conference" as Name of the Conference,
and "M.L. Spano" as Name of the Editor.
Item 2) is needed only in case you would need to reprint material from AIP
Item 3) is needed in case you would decide to order offprints/reprints of
your paper. Use "March 2002" as Tentative Publication Date
Item 4) is strictly needed at the moment of preparing your paper. Please read it
carefully since only correctly prepared papers can be accepted for publication.
Item 5) gives you the possibility of attaching your text and figures to the
correct template, and to prepare a correctly formatted paper without any
other time consuming procedure.

c) Deadline for paper submission:
Three camera ready copies of the manuscripts are expected
to be given at the conference site, so as to avoid
unnecessary delays in the publication of the book, as well as to speed up
the editing procedure. Therefore the deadline for paper preparation is
strictly July 22nd, 2001. We however invite contributors to end up
writing their contribution well in advance, since no extension of the deadline
will be possible.
Submission of papers for the proceedings should be addresses to
Mark Spano. Email: