1. Synchronization phenomena in physical and biological systems

2. We present classical aspects of the synchronization theory, as well as
recent achievements in the field, including synchronization in the
presence of noise, synchronization in large ensembles and extended
systems, synchronization phenomena 
in chaotic systems, detection of synchronization in experiments. First,
all the phenomena are introduced and explained on a qualitative level
and are illustrated by numerous examples from physics, biology,
population dynamics etc. Next, the theory is presented in a systematic

3. Admission requirements: Basic study

4. Optional course

5. Dr. Michael Rosenblum, Prof. Juergen Kurths

6. Credit weighting:
   3 SWS all (winter semester)
   2 SWS lecture
   1 SWS practical

7. Lecture and practical

8. Course assessment:
   Record of achievement for solved exercises

9. English

10. 4.5 ECT-points all