1. Potential theory and geomagnetism

2. The course gives first an introduction to the use of potential theoretic
for the description and determination of physical quantities like gravitational,
magnetic, electric and temperature fields. Then the phenomena and foundations of
geomagnetism are considered in more detail, including the generation of the
geomagnetic field by magnetohydrodynamic processes in the fluid outer core
of the Earth.

3. Admission requirements: Basic study

4. Optional compulsory course

5. Prof. Dr. Norbert Seehafer

6. Credit weighting:
   3 SWS all (winter semester)
   2 SWS lecture
   1 SWS practical

7. Lecture and practical

8. Course assessment:
   Record of achievement for solved exercises

9. German

10. 4.5 ECT-points all