1. Nonlinear oscillations and waves

2. The course gives an introduction into the theory of oscillations and
waves in nonlinear systems, illustrated by different phenomena from
various fields such as physics, biology and chemistry. Among the
presented topics are parametric phenomena and self-sustained
oscillations, noise-induced and chaotic oscillations, synchronization,
waves in excitable systems and solitons.

3. Admission requirements: Basic study

4. Optional compulsory course

5. Dr. Michael Rosenblum, Prof. Juergen Kurths

6. Credit weighting:
   3 SWS all (summer semester)
   2 SWS lecture
   1 SWS practical

7. Lecture and practical

8. Course assessment:
   Record of achievement for solved exercises

9. English

10. 4.5 ECT-points all