1. Noise-induced order in nonlinear systems

2. An introduction to basic concepts of the study of stochastic processes in
nonlinear systems is presented. The content is focused on actual topics
 of noise-induced effects in physics, chemistry and
biology. Such important and counterintuitive phenomena as noise-induced
phase  transitions,  stochastic resonance, ratchets, coherence
resonance, and structure formation are described in detail. Application
of the Krylov-Bogolyubov  method, a mean-field theory, methods of Langevin
and Fokker-Planck equations is demonstrated for stochastic systems.
It is shown that the presented theory can be applied to different
oscillation systems (a pendulum, the epidemiological model, a model
of El-Nino oscillation), turbulence, signal processing, molecular motors
 in biological cells,  and chemical reactions.

3. Admission requirements: basic study

4. Optional course

5. Dr. Alexei Zaikin/Prof. Dr. Juergen Kurths

6. Credit weighting:
   3 SWS all (winter semester)
   2 SWS lecture
   1 SWS practical

7. Lecture and practical

8. Course assesssment:
   Record of achievement for solved exercises

9. English

10. 4.5 ECT-points all