1. Kinetics/Non-equilibrium thermodynamics

2. The emphasis of this lecture is put on the kinetic description
of the dynamical establishment of equilibrium of particulate
systems like hard sphere gases as a model for real gases. In 
this context the derivation of the Boltzmann- and Chapman-Enskog
equations are given together with methods of their solution.
The theoretical concepts will be applied to the 
decription of granular gases - and especially to rings around the 
giant planets in our Solar system.
The concept of stochastic theory - Langevin- and corresponding
Fokker-Planck equations (Kramers-Moyal expansion, fluctuation-dissipation
- is also touched briefly as well as compared with kinetic concepts

3. Admission requirements: Basic study

4. Optional course

5. Dr. Frank Spahn

6. Credit weighting:
   3 SWS all (winter semester)
   2 SWS lecture
   1 SWS practical

7. Lecture and practical

8. Course assessment:
   Record of achievement for solved exercises

9. German

10. 4.5 ECT-points all