Im Rahmen des Numerik-Seminars am Institut fuer Mathematik
 der Universitaet Potsdam spricht am Dienstag, 12.12.2000,
 um 15.00 Uhr, Am Neuen Palais, Haus 22, Raum 0.38

                Prof. Mikhail I. Pudovkin

 von der Staatlichen Universitaet St. Petersburg
 Institut fuer Physik, Bereich Physik der Erde

 Titel des Vortrages

 Helio-magnetospheric disturbances and the state of the lower atmosphere

 The relationship between solar flare associated variations of the cosmic
 ray flux intensity and the state of the lower atmosphere is discussed.
 It is shown that the bursts of the Solar Cosmic Ray intensity cause the
 decrease of the solar radiation at the Earth`s surface, and the Forbush
 decreases of the Galactic Cosmic Ray intensity results in an increase of
 the solar radiation intensity at latitudes >(=) 60 N. These variations
 of the solar irradiation are supposed to be caused by variations of its
 scatter by some layer (homogeneous or in the form of clouds) at the
 height of about 10 km. Long term variations of the solar irradiance in
 dependence on the solar cycle phase, season and latitude are discussed.
 There is shown that the correlation between the cyclic variations of the
 solar activity and cloud amounts changes its sign at the latitude of
 about 50 - 55. Analysis of the long-period variations of the sunshine at the
 USA territory shows that at low latitudes, the increase of the cosmic
 ray intensity results in the decrease of the cloudiness.
 Results of numerical modeling of the lower atmosphere disturbance
 seem to confirm the model proposed.

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