1. Climate change: Linear and nonlinear signatures

Klaus Hasselmann;
Nature Volume 398 Number 6730 Page 755 - 756 (1999)

Summary: It seems likely that the warming of the Earth's atmosphere is caused by anthropogenic emissio......
2. Signature of recent climate change in frequencies of natural atmospheric circulation regimes

S. Corti; F. Molteni; T. N. Palmer;
Nature Volume 398 Number 6730 Page 799 - 802 (1999)

Summary: A crucial question in the global-warming debate concerns the extent to which recent climate chang......
3. Simulation of recent northern winter climate trends by greenhouse-gas forcing

Ron L. Miller; Gavin A. Schmidt; Lionel Pandolfo; Drew T. Shindell;
Nature Volume 399 Number 6735 Page 452 - 455 (1999)

Summary: The temperature of air at the Earth's surface has risen during the past century, but the frac......