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Markus Aspelmeyer, Institute for Quanten Optics and Quantum Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Title: Schroedingers Mirrors: Quantum Experiments with Micro-Mechanical Systems

Time:    July 8, 17:15
Place:   Building 25, Room F 001, Campus Golm, Universitaet Potsdam


The quantum regime of mechanical systems offers fascinating new possibilities for both applied and fundamental physics.
Quantum optics provides a well-developed tool box to help entering and controlling this regime.
I will highlight recent advances in this fast-emerging field of quantum-optomechanics, in particular the latest experiments
on laser-cooling of micromirrors that promise cooling capabilities to the mechanical quantum ground state.
I will also discuss the prospects and challenges to generate (opto-mechanical) quantum entanglement,
which is an important resource for quantum information processing and is also at the heart of Schroedingers cat paradox.

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