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Sarika Jalan, MPI Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden

Title: How random a random network is : a random matrix analysis

Time:    September 4, 2008, 3 pm
Place:   Telegraphenberg, PIK, A31, Cupola


We analyze spectral properties of complex networks under the
framework of random matrix theory. We show that correlations among
spectral fluctuations carry signature of underlying network structure. We
find a direct relation between the onset of small-world behavior,
quantified by the structural properties of networks, and the transition to
the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble statistics, quantified by a spectral

At the end of talk we would discuss some recent results on quantification
of randomness (and community structure) in networks by probing for the
long range correlations among eigenvalues, and would compare the results
with those of the metabolic networks.

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