N. Reinebeck, ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH, Brainshell

Patents and science

In sciences, researchers usually neglect the potentials of patents. However, patents may not only have impact for the
protection of innovative work, but they could be also a pitfall for scientists, as we became aware last year. By accident
we found out that some Australian scientists applied for a patent for the application of measures of complexity for the
detection of cardiac arrhythmias, a method based on recurrence plots which we had developed and already published in 2002.
In the case of a granted patent for this method, problems could cause using the method, which actually we have introduced.
Fortunately, the European patent office rejected the patent application.

It is important, even for us theoretical scientists, to be more sensitive regarding copyright, licenses and especially
patents. Therefore, Brainshell and the Technology Transfer Department of the University of Potsdam will give us an
introduction into the world of patents and their work. You are kindly invited to participate in this talk.

If you are interested in the legal texts for German patents, European patents and employee inventions, see the links

Informations about the European Patent Committment (EPC)

Legal texts in English (online)

Legal texts in German (online)

Legal texts in French (online)

The complete legal text in English, German and also in French can be downloaded as pdf:

Informations about the German Patent Law and about the Law of inventions of employees

German Patent Law (only in German)
for pdf-Download: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bundesrecht/patg/gesamt.pdf

Law of inventions of employees (only in German)
for pdf-Download: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bundesrecht/arbnerfg/gesamt.pdf