Varun Narasimhachar, Paritosh Pande & Abishek Gupta: EEG analysis using recurrence plots

Place: room 316
Time : July 11, 2007, 1:15 pm

Abishek Gupta: Development of Meta-Recurrence Plots and its applications

We propose a method to improvise on the technique of Recurrence Plots(RP)
and Recurrence Quantification Analysis(RQA). It is based on studying the
dynamics of the RQA measures(RQAM) in their own phase space. It is called
meta-Recurrence Plots(meta-RP) and meta-Recurrence Quantification
Analysis(meta-RQA) and is based on the application of RQA on the time series
of RQAM. The method stated is applied on high resolution
Electroencephalographic(EEG) recordings from a rat's brain. We compare the
results obtained from data recorded during normal brain functioning and
those obtained during and around the occurrence of a stimulated seizure, and
discuss the possibility of using such an analysis for seizure prediction.

Varun Narasimhachar: Recurrence plot analysis of EEG data

We analyse the high-resolution Electroencephlaographic (EEG) recordings from
a rat's brain by the method of Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA),
after having transformed the signal using the technique of Principal
Components Analysis (PCA). We compare the results with those obtained using
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) in place of PCA. Each of the two
methods stated above is applied on two sets of data: one recorded during
normal functioning of the rat's brain, and one recorded when the rat
suffered from stimulated seizures. Based on the results, we study the
possibility of predicting a seizure by doing RQA of data obtained prior to
its occurrence.