Physikalisches Kolloquium des Instituts f. Physik
Kolloquiumsreihe ``From Stars to Galaxies''

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa, Universitaet Bonn

Title: ``Star clusters as the fundamental building blocks of galaxies

Time:     Nov 14, 2007, 5.15 p.m.
Location: Campus Golm, Building 27, Lecture hall

Recent surveys of star forming regions show that 
virtually all stars form in very compact star clusters, spanning from 
small groups of a dozen stars to major entities amounting to a million 
stars or more. Understanding the early physical processes in these 
objects is at the forefront of current astrophysical research. Recent 
work has demonstrated that the expulsion of gas from the very young 
star clusters leads to the clusters expanding super-virially. Massive 
clusters may thus ``pop'' once the gas is gone, and thereby change 
the morphology of an entire galaxy as their stars are dispersed.