Arbeitsgruppe Nichtlineare Dynamik


10.-12. April 2006, 9:15-18:00

Venue: Am Neuen Palais, building 19, room 415

April 10, 2006.

Chair: F. Feudel
09.15 Reik Donner (PhD)
"Dimension Estimates of Multivariate Geoscientific Records"
09.45 Douglas Maraun (PhD)
"Continuous Wavelet Spectral Analysis - An Outline"
10.15 Nicole Albers (PhD)
"Collision Dynamics of Granular Particles"
10.45 -- 11.15 tea/coffee break

Chair: N. Seehafer
11.15 Lucia Zemanova (PhD)
"Brain Dynamics Analysis and Modeling"
11.45 Martin Makuch (PhD)
"Where are the Dust Tori of Mars? The role of stochastic perturbations."
12.15 Gorka Zamora Lopez (PhD)
"Structural and functional integration in the cat cerebral cortex"
12.45 -- 14.00 Lunch

Chair: F. Spahn
14.00 Denis Goldobin (PhD)
"Synchronization and Desynchronization by Common Noise"
14.30 Corinna Raab (PhD)
"Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Data with Large-Scale Dimension Densities"
15.00 James Ong (PhD)
"The predictability problem"
15.30 Christoph Schütz (Diploma)
"Models for large-Hartmann-number flows in rectangular ducts"
15.55 -- 16.30 tea/coffee break

Chair: B. Blasius
16.30 Yong Zou (PhD)
"Recurrence Plots and Quasiperiodicity"
17.00 Tiago Pereira (PhD)
"An unifying approach to Phase Synchronization detection"
17.30 Stefan Schinkel (PhD)
"Analysing Single-Trial Event Related Potentials (ERP) by means of Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA)"

April 11, 2006.

Chair: A. Zaikin
09.15 Andrea Kölzsch (PhD)
"Modeling of Bioinvasion on Networks"
09:45 Björn Kralemann (PhD)
"Defining an Optimal Phase for Synchronization-Analysis from Data"
10:15 Ralf Tönjes (PhD)
"Pattern formation in heterogeneous oscillatory media through synchronization"'
10.45 -- 14.00 break (possibility to attend the Golm event)

Chair: M. Rosenblum
14.00 Natalia Tukhlina (PhD)
"Noninvasive suppression of neural synchrony by a feedback technique"
14.30 Antonio Pazienti (PhD)
"Impact of spike classification errors on pairwise and higher order correlations"
15.00 Komalapriya Chandrasekaran(PhD)
"Epilepsy Prediction"
15.30 Martin Seiss (PhD)
"Small moonlets in Saturn's dense rings"
16.00 -- 16.30 tea/coffee break

Chair: N. Wessel
16.30 Aneta Koseska (PhD)
"Noise, Quorum-sensing and Population Size Controlled Oscillations and Cell Differentiation in Relaxation Genetic Oscillators"
17.00 Carolina Figueroa (PhD)
"Thalamocortical Time Series"
17.30 Eulalie Ketchamen (PhD)
"Detection of transitions from Torus to Strange nonchaotic attractors using a recurrence analysis"

April 12, 2006.

Chair: G. Zöller
09.15 Marcel Fuhrmann, (PhD)
"Extrapolation of solar vector magnetograms"
09.45 Maik Riedl (PhD)
"Cardiovascular Variability in Sleep"
10.15 Lars Rudolf (PhD)
"Methods of nonlinear dynamics for data analyses of long time predator-prey oscillations"
10.45 Nina Kuckländer (PhD)
"From the Moran-effect to Correlation Resonance"
11.15 -- 13.00 Lunch

Chair: U. Schwarz
13.00 Marco Rusconi (PhD)
"A mathematics model of stochastic resonance in bons remodelling"
13.30 Andre Bergner (Diploma)
"Detection of synchronized clusters by means of recurrence plots in complex networks"
13.55 Thomas Orgis (Diploma)
"Tracer Advection in a Climate Model"
14.20 Mathias Hoffmann (Diploma)
Dimension reduction: PCA vs. Isomap"
14.45 Carlos J. Dommar D`Lima (PhD)
"Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible Epidemic Model on an Adaptive Network"

PhD: 20 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion
Diploma: 15 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion

Past PhD workshops: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000