Venue: Am Neuen Palais, building 19, room 415


March 8, 2004

09.15  Reik Donner
``Geological records''

09.45  Douglas Maraun
``A delayed nonlinear relation between El Niņo and NAO''

10.15  Ekkehard Ullner
``Signal propagation in oscillatory media enabled by noise-induced

 10.45 -- 11.15 tea/coffee break

11.15  Carsten Allefeld
``Phase Synchronization Analysis of ERPs in Language Processing''

11.45  Nina Kuckl"ander
``The Moran-effect in nonlinear systems''

12.15  Antonio Gamez
``Isomapping El Niņo''

 12.45 -- 14.00 Lunch

14.00  Martin Makuch
``Long-Term Dynamical Evolution of Dusty Ejecta from Deimos''

14.30  Miodrag Sremcevic
``Dust clouds around Jovian icy satellites in Galileo dust detector data''

15.00  Judith Schneider
``Dynamical structures in chaotic systems''

15.30  Andreas Pawlik
``Controlling oscillator coherence''

March 9, 2004

09.15  Ralf Steuer
``Nonlinear Dynamics and Molecular Biology: From Gene Expression to Metabolic

09.45  Corinna Raab
``Estimation of Large-Scale Dimension Densities''

10.15   Ernest Montbrio
``Synchronization between populations of nonidentical phase oscillators''

 10.45 -- 11.15 tea/coffee break

11.15  Nicole Albers,
``Influence of Adhesion on Particle Dynamics''

11.45  Marco Thiel
``Surrogates to test for phase synchronization''

12.15  Mamen Romano
``Detection of Phase Synchronization by Means of Recurrence Plots''

12.45 -- 14.00 Lunch

14.00  Sebastien Clodong 
``From epidemic outbreaks to coupled maps: a network approach''

14.30  Konstantin Mergentaler
``Finding of Diffusion Constants for the Phase-Langevin-Equation''

14.55  Martin Seiss
``Density structures induced by a small moonlet''

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