International Workshop


Networks of Interacting Machines:

Industrial Production Systems and Biological Cells



10 December 


16:00 - 20:00                         Arrival and registration



11 December


8:50     Opening

9:00     N. Packard

            Reaction construction networks

9:50     F. Bignone

            Neutral and critical events in the genotype-phenotype correlation

10:40  - 11:10                         Coffee break

11:10   D. Helbing

            Dynamic behavior of supply networks


12:00 - 14:00                         Lunch


14:00   T. Ueda

            Intelligent slime mold: a self-organizing system of shape and information

14:50   L. Demetrius

            Evolutionary dynamics of biological networks

15:40 - 16:10                         Coffee break

16:10   D. Armbruster

            Heuristic models for production flows


12 December

9:00     K. Kempf

            Managing stochasticity in semiconductor supply networks

9:50     T. Shibata

            Noise and signals in gene expression and biochemical reactions

10:40   Coffee break

11:10   C. Daganzo

            Stabilization and optimization of decentralized supply networks


12:00 - 14:00                         Lunch


14:00   K. Kaneko

            Bridging the gap between reaction dynamics and biological processes

14:50   A. Mikhailov

            Coherent collective dynamics of protein machines

15:40 -16:10                          Coffee break

16:10   C. Ringhofer

            Modeling parts as particles

19:00                                      Dinner


13 December

9:00     H. Yokoyama

            Technological impact of nonequilibrium nanostructures in reactive soft matter

9:50     A. Lefeber

            PDE models for the modeling and control of manufacturing systems: a validation study

10:40  - 11:10                         Coffee break

11:10     T. Manke

Analysis of protein interaction networks


12:00 -13:15                          Lunch


13:15   K. Sneppen

            Modeling dynamics of information networks

14:05   A. Ponzi

            An adaptive network model of economic production processes

14:35   A. Yasutomi

            Braudel's view on the history of capitalism in the light of dynamical systems

15:25   Closing

A printer-friendly version of the program is available as pdf-file [80 kB]