Geomagnetic Variations: Space-Time Structure, Processes, and Effects on System Earth

Workshop of the DFG-Priority Programme

Potsdam, 1. - 2. October 2003

October 1, 2003

08:30 Registration

09:00 Welcome Jörg Negendank

09:15 Status Report Karl-Heinz Glassmeier

09:45 Coffee break

10:00 Recent geomagnetic field observations

10:00 Nils Olsen: The restless geomagnetic field: Results from the Oersted mission

10:25 Hermann Lühr: CHAMP: a mission overview and status report

10:50 Stefan Maus: The magnetisation of the Earth's crust inferred from satellite magnetic data.

11:00 Monika Korte: European Secular Variation and Regularized Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis

11:10 Hans Greiner-Mai: The Earth’s magnetic field in the core-mantle transition zone: Concepts and properties of inversion

11:20 Jens Stadelmann: Magnetic field diffusion in the Earth mantel

11:30 Willy Freeden New Components in Geomagnetic Field Modelling from CHAMP- Data: Wavelet-Decomposition and Reconstruction, Wavelet Variances and Wavelet-Mie-Representation

11:40 Ingo Wardinski: New Insights into the secular variation between MAGSAT and CHAMP/OERSTED

11:50 Herman Lühr: The ionospheric influence

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 The Paleomagnetic field

13:30 Steve P. Lund: Global Magnetic Field Dynamics During an Excursional State - Evidence from the Laschamp Excursion

13:55 Karl Fabian: Sedimentary records of paleointensity variation: Is there an intrinsic quality control ?

14:20 Norbert Nowaczyk: Detailed information on geomagnetic field behaviour during the Laschamp polarity excursion

14:30 Tilo von Dobeneck: Investigations on the role of mechanical particle interaction in PDRM acquisition

14:40 Roman Leonhard: Absolute paleointensities and paleodirections during a mid Miocene reversal of the Earth's magnetic field

14:50 Christoph Heunemann: The Earth's magnetic field at the Permo-Triasic boundary

15:00 Ulrich Hambach: The Earth’s magnetic field over Europe during MIS 5 – new insights from terrestrial archives

15:10 Elisabeth Schnepp: Geomagnetic secular variation recorded in archaeological structures

15:20 Erwin Appel: Can we use partial thermoremanences in metasediments as a new recorder of Earth magnetic field variations ?

15:30 Paula Iglesia Llanos: The Matuyama-lower Jaramillo transition zone recorded in sediments from Turkmenistan

15:40 David Krasa: Magnetomineralogical constraints on the reliability of paleomagnetic data derived from igneous rocks

16:00 - 18:00 Coffee and Poster Science

See details below

18:00 Before-Dinner Speech

18:00 Jürgen Kurths: Geophysical observations and nonlinear time series analysis

18:30 Dinner in the cantine of the GeoForschungsZentrum


October 2, 2003

08:30 Effects on system Earth

08:30 May-Britt Kallenrode: Energetic particle influence on the ozonosphere mediated by the geomagnetic field

08:55 Bertalan Zieger: The paleomagnetosphere

09:05 Anja Stadelmann: Energetic particle motions in the paleomagnetospheres

09:15 May-Britt Kallenrode: Ionisation of the paleoatmosphere

09:25 Justus Notholt: A model study of the impact of magnetic field structure on atmospheric composition

09:35 Karl-Heinz Glassmeier: The paleoelectrojets and space climatology

09:45 Volker Mosbrugger: Are there effects of magnetic field lows on the biosphere?

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 The Earth's dynamo

10:30 Gary Glatzmaier: Dynamo modelling: Challenges for the future

10:55 Stefan Stellmach: Comparing approaches, models, and results

11:20 Fritz Busse: Prandl number dependence of convection driven dynamos in rotating spherical shells

11:30 Johannes Wicht: Comparing Geomagnetic and Simulated Reversals

11:40 Udo Ziegler: Dynamo ?-Effect in the Earth’s Convective Outer Core

11:50 Helmut Harder: Parallel finite Volume Simulations of spherical Dynamo


12:00 Andreas Tilgner: Mode selection in dynamos

12:30 Concluding remarks

12:30 Heinrich Soffel: Bridges in the geomagnetic world

12:55 Jörg Negendank: Last, but not my last words

13:15 Farewell or Dinner or Visiting the GeoForschungsZentrum


SPP-Poster Presentations

Arlt, R., G. Ruediger (Potsdam)

Field reversals in 3D mean-field dynamos by alpha-fluctuations

Auberg, J., J. Wicht (Lindau)
Stability study of equatorial dipole configuration in dynamo models
Balasis, G. (Potsdam)

Identification, classification and separation of F-region currents, orbit

errors and instrument noise in CHAMP FGM data using a wavelet


Ballani, L., I. Wardinski, D. Stromeyer, H. Greiner-Mai (Potsdam)

Time structure of the 1991 magnetic jerk in the core-mantle-boundary zone by inverting global magnetic data supported by satellite measurements

Böhnel, H. (Mexiko)

Secular variation and paleointensities of upper Brunhes volcanic rocks in Mexiko

Breuer, M. (Münster)

The influence of inertia on convection in a rotating spherical shell

Freeden, W., T. Maier, C. Mayer (Kaiserslautern)

Wavelet-Mie-Representatation and wavelet-variances: New aspects in geomagnetic modelling

Freeden, W., T. Maier, C. Mayer (Kaiserslautern)

A wavelet-approach to mid-latitude ionospheric currents

Gailitis, A., O. Lielausis, E. Platacis, G. Gerbeth, F. Stefani (Rossendorf)

The recent status of the Riga dynamo experiment – Activities for the next-generation dynamo experiment

Giesecke, A. ,U. Ziegler, G. Ruediger (Potsdam)

Box simulations of rotating magnetoconvection: helicity and alpha-effect

Holme, R., N. Olsen

The spectrum of the magnetic secular variation

Kumar, H. (Potsdam)

Modelling of new satellite crustal anomaly maps using a GIS technique

Kutzner, C., U. Christensen (Lindau)

Simulated reversals and preferred VGP-paths

Lühr, H., S Maus, M. Rother

The noon-time equatorial electrojet: its spatial features as determined from CHAMP satellite observations

Marwan, N., J. Kurths, U. Schwarz (Potsdam)

Independent component analysis of sedimentary rock-magnetic data

Marwan, N., J. Kurths, U. Schwarz (Potsdam)

The Earth´ magnetic field in the last 100 kyr

Maus, S., R. Tyler, H. Lühr (Potsdam)

Ocean tidal dynamo identified in CHAMP satellite magnetic data.

Reinders, J., U. Hambach (Bayreuth)

A 50m record of paleomagnetic secular variation retrieved from laminated sediments spanning from ca. 80 to 115 kyr bp from Eifel maar lakes (Germany)

Reinders, J., U. Hambach (Bayreuth)

New insights from terrestrial archives. New results from East German standard sections Klinge and Gröbern

Ritter, P. (Potsdam)

Determination of high-latitude ionospheric currents from satellite, comparison with ground measurements, and characteristics during very quiet periods.

Schwarte, J. (Potsdam)

Magnetic effect of magnetospheric sources seen in CHAMP data.

Simitev, R., F. H. Busse (Bayreuth)

Dynamical processes and parameter dependences of convection driven spherical dynamos

Stefani, F., U. Günther, G. Gerbeth (Rossendorf)

Phase transitions from non-oscillatory to oscillatory dynamo behaviour: Examplified by a paradigmatic model

Vanhamäki, H., O. Amm, A. Viljanen, A. Pulkkinen (Helsinki)

One-dimensional upward continuation of the ground magnetic field using spherical elementary current systems

Webers, W. (Potsdam)

Problems and advantages in using ground based and satellite magnetic field data.

Wicht, J., P. Olson (Lindau)

Detailed analysis of a simulated reversal

Wicht, J. (Lindau)

Paleomagnetic interpretation of simulated reversals

Yancheva, G., N. R. Nowaczyk, R. Stein, J. F. G. Negendank (Potsdam)

High-resolution magnetostratigraphic investigation of geomagnetic reversal excursions younger than 60 ka using arctic marine sediments – First results