G Ron Chen, Department of Electronic Engineering and Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization, City University of Hong Kong

On Complex Dynamical Networks

Time: August 28, 2003, 2:15 pm
Place: Building 19, Room 19.415

Today, complex dynamical networks are prevailing around us. Typical examples include the Internet, the World Wide Web, various biological neural networks, electric power grids, and even scientific cooperation relations. Traditionally, the study of complex networks has been based on the classical random graph theory. Two important discoveries in the current investigation of complex networks are the so-called small-world networks and scale-free networks, with some common features different from those described by the random graph theory. Many real-world complex networks have been shown to be better described by these new types of network models. In this talk, the basic concepts of random graphs, small-world networks, and scale-free networks will be introduced. Their basic properties will be illustrated by typical examples. Moreover, the synchronization of small-world and scale-free networks will be discussed. Finally, an interesting phenomenon of the so-called "robust yet fragile" property of small-world network synchronization will be addressed.

About the speaker:
Dr. G Ron Chen is a Chair Professor in Electronic Engineering, and the Director of the Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization at the City University of Hong Kong. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, with research interest in chaos control and synchronization, complex networks, and nonlinear dynamical systems in general.