Doktorandentag, 18. M"arz 2003 (Raum 415)

09.00 Uhr, Nina Kucklaender 
``Nonlinear sheep in a noisy world:
noise induced correlations in discrete systems''

09.30 Uhr,  Ernest Montbrio
``Synchronization in presence of shear''

10.00 Uhr, Sebastien Clodong 
``Synchronization of epidemic outbreaks in networks of towns: a symbolic
dynamics approach''

 10.30 -- 11.00 Uhr Pause

11.00 Uhr, Norbert Marwan
``Independent Component Analysis of sedimentary rock-magnetic data''

11.30 Uhr, Miodrag Sremcevic
``Impact-generated dust clouds around planetary 
satellites: model versus Galileo dat''

12.00 Uhr, Carsten Allefeld
``Phase Synchronization of Event-Related Potentials in
Language Processing''

 12.30 -- 14.00 Uhr Mittagspause

14.00 Uhr, Nicole Albers
``Separating Coagulation and Restitution''

14.30 Uhr, Marco Thiel
``Quantification of Recurrence Plots''

15.00 Uhr, Mamen Romano
``Modified Cross Recurrence Plots''

 15.30 -- 16.00 Uhr Pause

16:00 Uhr, Eireen Neumann
``Slow-fast dynamics in Josephson junctions''

16:30 Uhr, Ruediger Zillmer
``Stochastic resonance in a globally unstable potential''

17:00 Uhr, Douglas Maraun
``DFA - an analysis tool or glasses to see fancy power laws''

Doktorandentag, 19. M"arz 2003 (Raum 415)

09.00 Uhr, Ekkehard Ullner
``Noise-induced excitability and related effects in nonlinear systems''

09.30 Uhr, Andre Sitz
``Identification of nonlinear dynamical systems from data''

10.00 Uhr, Antonio Gamez
``Complex Phase Synchronization between El Nino and the Annual 
Cycle in the Tropical Pacific Ocean''

 10.30 -- 11.00 Uhr Pause

11.00 Uhr, Marcus Gellert
``Dynamo bifurcations in the forced Roberts flow''

11.30 Uhr, Reik Donner
``Bifurcations and Dynamo Effect in a Low-dimensional Roberts Flow model''

12.00 Uhr, Zohar Pasternak
``Search patterns and navigation algorithms of
symbiotic planktonic organisms''

 12.30 -- 14.00 Uhr Mittagspause

14.00 Uhr, Judith Schneider
``Extracting structures out of dynamical systems in an example of ocean

14:30 Uhr, Ralf Steuer
``Nonlinear Dynamics and Molecular Biology: From Metabolic
Networks to Noise-Induced Oscillations''

15:00 Uhr, Martin Makuch
``Charging and dynamics of dust grains ejected from
Phobos and Deimos''