Venice meeting on
Fluctuations in small complex systems III

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

Palazzo Franchetti, Venezia, 3rd to 6th October 2016

Invited speakers

Marco Baiesi, Padova, Mesoscopic virial equation for systems out of equilibrium
Eli Barkai, Ramat Gan, 1/f Noise on the Nanoscale
Olivier Bénichou, Paris, Geometry induced superdiffusion in driven crowded systems
Carsten Beta, Potsdam, Bacterial swimming with two alternating speeds - motility in open and confined environments
Raffaella Burioni, Parma, Self organized bistability
Francesco Cardarelli, Pisa, Spatiotemporal fluctuation analysis: a powerful tool for the future nanoscopy of dynamic molecular processes
Giovanni Dietler, Lausanne, DNA topology and gene expression regulation
Joachim Dzubiella, Berlin, Role of fluctuations in diffusion-influenced bimolecular reactions
Stefan Egelhaaf, Düsseldorf, Dynamics of colloidal particles exposed to potential energy landscapes
Yuval Garini, Ramat Gan, The dynamics of the genome along the cell cycle
Achille Giacometti, Venice, Entropic vs Energetic stiffness in biopolymers
Aljaz Godec, Potsdam, (non)Universality of first-passage statistics in Markov diffusion: fractals, potentials and all that jazz
Helmut Grubmüller, Göttingen, Hierarchical energy landscapes of proteins: From specific to general
Stephen Hagen, Gainesville, Multiple modes of quorum sensing in Streptococcus mutans: Integrating internal noise with environmental heterogeneity
Peter Hänggi, Augsburg, Stochastic Thermodynamics: All fudge or theory
Anatoly Kolomeisky, Houston, Protein Search for Targets on DNA: The Role of Sequence Symmetry and Crowding on DNA
Diego Krapf, Fort Collins, Bulk-mediated diffusion on lipid bilayers
Don Lamb, Munich, Signal or Noise: Your choice. Fluorescence Methods for Investigating Biological Motion
Jörg Langowski, Heidelberg, Intracellular diffusion studied by light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM)
Katja Lindenberg, San Diego, Synchronization, Antisynchronization, and Coarse Graining of Coupled Noisy Oscillators
Amos Maritan, Padova, Variational Principles for Ecosystems
Carlos Mejia Monasterio, Madrid, Equilibration pathways of many-body Hamiltonian systems
Cristian Micheletti, Trieste, Knots in biomolecules and in self-assembling systems
Leonid Mirny, Cambridge MA, Chromosomes as active matter
Lene Oddersehede, Copenhagen, Dynamics and viscoelasticity of cancerous tissue correlates with invasiveness
Enzo Orlandini, Padova, Non-equilibrium self-assembly of cholesteric colloids
Jacques Prost, Paris & Singapore, Fluctuations in active gels
Yael Roichman, Tel Aviv, Fluctuation spectrum in active gels
Ludger Santen, Saarbrücken, Length regulation of microtubules by molecular motors: Exact solution, density profiles and MTOC positioning
Christoph Schmidt, Göttingen, Statistical Physics of Active Biological Matter
Rina Schumer, Reno, Anomalous transport, rough landscapes, and preservation of stratigraphy
Daniel Schwartz, Boulder, Intermittent Motion of Adsorbed Molecules and Confined Nanoparticles
Christine Selhuber-Unkel, Kiel, Intracellular motion of endogenous and artificial particles in Acanthamoeba
Ana-Suncana Smith, Erlangen
Joachim Spatz, Stuttgart & Heidelberg, Mechanobiological Control in Cell Collectives
Iva Tolic, Zagreb, Forces in the mitotic spindle
Carlo Vanderzande, Hasselt, Polymers in viscoelastic and active environments
Ilpo Vattulainen, Helsinki, Tiny folks shaking a big tower: How lipids modulate membrane receptor conformation
Kirsty Wan, Cambridge, The swimming gaits of microalgae
Eric Weeks, Atlanta, Decoupling of rotational and translational diffusion near the colloidal glass transition
Matthias Weiss, Bayreuth, Heterogeneity and multi-scale fluctuations in crowded biological fluids
Mark Williams, Boston, Mechanisms of nucleosome destabilization by architectural DNA binding proteins
Gijs Wuite, Amsterdam, Unravelling the structural plasticity of stretched DNA under torsional constraint
Julia Yeomans, Oxford, Transition to active turbulence


Federico D' Ambrosio, Padova, Temperature response of heat conducting models
Enrico Carlon, Leuven, Heterodimer autorepression loop: a robust and flexible pulse-generating genetic module
Subrata Dev, Kolkata, Optimal condition of external medium and intracellular environment for efficient chemotactic performance in E. coli chemotaxis
Gianmaria Falasco, Leipzig, Mesoscopic virial equation for nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
Liselotte Jauffred, Copenhagen, Chriality in microbial biofilms
Loren Kocillari, Padova, Pareto optimality in proteins
Nicolas Levernier, Paris, Mean first-passage time of non-markovian walkers in confinement
Ludvig Lizana, Umeå, Diffusion in ageing environments
Mattia Marenda, Trieste, Modeling quorum sensing trade offs between bacterial cell density and system extension from open boundaries
Marco Ribezzi, Barcelona, Experimental realization of a single-molecule Maxwell's demon
Rodrigo Pereira Rocha, Padova, Species survival and scaling laws in hostile and fluctuating environments
Christian Rohwer, Stuttgart, Transient Casimir Forces from quenches in thermal and active matter
Alessio Squarcini, Stuttgart, Phase separation and vicious walkers in a wedge
Stefano Steffenoni, Leipzig, The pressure of active particles
Oleg Vasilyev, Stuttgart, Cooperative phenomena in active micro-rheology
Mira Zorkot, Oxford, The Power Spectrum of Ionic Nanopore Currents: The Role of Ion Correlations


Fulvio Baldovin, Padova
Michele Caraglio, Padova
Jordi Hidalgo, Padova
Alberto Imparato, Aarhus
Maria Grazia Rosin, Venice
Samir Suweis, Padova
Julian Talbot, Paris
Antonio Trovato, Padova