Granular Matter Group Members
Astrophysics Nonlinear Dynamics Group
Dust Dynamics  

Granular Matter


  • cosmic:
    • planetary rings
    • protoplanetary discs/planetary evolution
    • clouds/discs of gas and dust
  • terrestrial:
    • avalanches
    • dunes
    • sandpiles
    • fields of drift ice

Physical Processes:

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Planetary Rings:

  • undisturbed rings:
    • kinetic/hydrodynamic description
    • vertical structure
    • processes of transport
    • instabilities/structures
  • perturbed rings:
    • waves and resonances
    • moonlets in rings
    • e.g. satellite Pan in Saturn's A ring

Planetogony/Planet Formation:

  • from planetesimals to planets
  • interaction of a planet with a protoplanetary disc

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Interplanetary Dust Dynamics:

Cassini Project

  • Participation in Spaceprobe Experiments:
    • dustdetection:
      • spaceprobe Galileo: DDS (Dust Detector System)
      • spaceprobe Cassini: CDA (Cosmic Dust Analyzer)
      • spaceprobe Ulysses: DDS
    • ultraviolett spectroscopy:
      • spaceprobe Cassini: UVIS (Ultra-Violet-Imaging-Spectrometer)
  • Modelling of Dustconfigurations:
    • tori of dust around Mars
    • population of dust at Jupiter/rings of Jupiter
    • dustatmospheres of Saturns rings/ Saturns E ring/the "Spokes"-phenonemen

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