Anomalous diffusion: wild and bad?
Fundamentals & models for modern complex systems

König Karls Bad

Bad Wildbad, Black Forest, 3rd to 7th October 2015

SCOPE. Deviations from the normal diffusive behaviour of Brownian motion have been measured in a rich variety of systems, ranging from amorphous semiconductors to biological cells. Similar physical concepts are behind the blinking of single quantum dots or the principles of laser cooling. Such anomalous diffusion has been described by a wide range of mathematical models, with largely different properties. This meeting brings together participants from leading international laboratories to discuss the physical and mathematical foundations of anomalous diffusion. The aim is to exchange recent progress on topics such as non-ergodic and ageing phenomena, passive and active motion, random search processes, or infinite densities.

Ralf Metzler, University of Potsdam and Tampere University of Technology
Gleb Oshanin, CNRS - Université Paris 6 (Jussieu)
Igor Sokolov, Humboldt University Berlin